Why is Blogging Important to Your Business?

Blogging has developed over the years from what was once journals and personal diaries.  Blogging has been adopted by businesses online with more and more companies hiring someone or several people to blog for their company. It really is an easy way to  establish a respectable presence online for your business.  Blogging  has become so significant to business that huge events like the  Blogging Success Summit  are being held online to educate corporations and entrepreneurs and show them how to integrate blogging into the mix of online marketing.

Here are some ways blogging can help your business:

  • Establish Your Brand Name:  Blogging tied in with social media can get your brand name splashed all over the internet.  Any blog posts you write can be linked to your Facebook fan page, Twitter and LinkedIn.  When your fans see the blog posts with some frequency, your brand name will be ingrained in their memory.  Although, be careful to do this too often or you will seem too “spammy”.
  • Establish Authority:  Blogging allows your readers an inside look on what is important to you and your company.  It is an excellent way to share your knowledge on various subjects regarding your business or service.  It can help establish you as an expert in your field. 
  • Establish Loyalty:   It provides a perfect place for your customers or potential customers to comment on what your topic is about.  It can promote a Q&A scenario where people can feel comfortable asking about your product or service which builds loyalty and trust.  Blogging can tie a company with an actual human which can promote a deeper connection to your audience or customers.  
  • Increased Traffic to Your Website: One of the most important things blogging does is help you get found online.  Blogging is a way to insert rich content using keywords or phrases that make your website more easily found on search engines.  The more relevant and rich content written in your blog specific to your niche, the more easily you can be found. The more links from other blogs or sites included in your blog also increases your visibility online.  (For more tips on SEO, Social Media Examiner has a great post.)

One of the reasons I decided to write about blogging is because I recently heard someone ask Kate Buck Jr (ofKBJonline.com) if there was one thing she could have done differently in the beginning of her social media management career and what would that be.  Kate responded that she would have started blogging a lot sooner.  Make no mistake, Kate has done very well for herself and her company.  However, Kate is considered by many as an expert in social media and social media management.  Her response was not surprising considering how blogging has become somewhat of a necessity.

If you have a company and are looking to increase brand name awareness through social media and the Internet in general, blogging is the way to go. Eventually you will find writing your blog will become a natural extension of what you enjoy talking about most of all, your business.  Once you start seeing the connections you make through your blog site, you will see how important blogging is to your business.