The Impact of Video on Small Businesses

This month, we asked Hurdie Burk of Hurdie Burk Consulting ( a few questions
concerning video and its impact on Social Media.

Why would I want to have a YouTube Channel for my small business?
In 2011, Cisco determined that 45% of internet traffic was video. Google is predicting the traffic will double this year. Video is fast becoming a front door for small and medium-sized businesses.

How do business owners get their video noticed once they have a YouTube channel?
One way to get noticed is to increase your Share-ability. Share-ability is how you build your following and create collaborations (such as special networking). You have the ability to market with your demographic.

How important are tags for video when you upload them to YouTube?
Tags are extremely important. Without tags, your video is practically worthless. This is because tags are like keywords and help you get found in searches.

Are there any tips that you can offer the novice small business owner using YouTube for the first time?
Yes. You should be sure that your business website is the first thing they see in the description box; and always make sure that it starts with http://…  Also, any and all tags or keywords entered in the keyword box must relate to the website of the company. For example, Savvy and Social videos on YouTube should have tags like: social networking, social media management, social media tools, social media marketing.

Are there any other thoughts you would like to share about video?
Most people would rather watch a video than read text. This is a huge opportunity for small businesses. Video lets small business bring their products or services “to the table”.

Hurdie Burk
Hurdie Burk hard at work.

Hurdie Burk has always been fascinated with computers.  He started streaming audio/video in 1999, when “streaming wasn’t cool”.  In 2003, Hurdie formed the “Internet Sports Broadcast Network”. As people began to listen and chat with him from all over the globe, he realized the “wow” factor video had.

Hurdie Burk’s expertise is working with small/medium businesses with online video.  This includes basic video capture, converting, editing and publishing. He teaches about viral video networks, how to help your business create a YouTube  channel for video content and teach you how to share video on all your social networks sites. For more information on Hurdie Burk consulting, visit his site at