Social Media Matters for Online Ranking and Exposure

By: Dan Hatcher

I have had many business owners over the years ask me about the different social networks like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and on and on and on. The names rattle off their tongues with seemingly no end. Now just so you understand, I am a die-hard SEO guy. I started in internet marketing for my brick and mortar business and transformed it from a good business to a million dollar plus business in just a couple of years. It was all done via SEO… link building… the “normal all American way!”

So, until recently, when someone asked me about social media my thoughts were “child’s play.” THEN came Panda, the most recent Google update, and social media suddenly got way more important. The thing is if you think about it, it makes sense for Google to put more importance on it.

Google’s main goal is to give people the best 10 results for whatever you type into the search bar. The better they are at doing that, the more you will use them. The more you use them, the more money they can make. So it’s capitalism at its finest, and you get to benefit if they get it right. So the question for anyone who wants to serve up the most relevant answers to your questions is how do I index, catalog and organize what people are talking about… TODAY?! By far, the source of those “relevant answers” is social media.

From an SEO standpoint (SEO is the science of using techniques and methods on your website that will rank your site higher on search sites such as Google), social media brings two things to the table. The first is links to your site that are in context with the subject matter of your site; and the second is the building of relationships that are not possible via the posting of articles or blog mentions or links from other websites. Couple this with the fact that 50% of Americans never leave the internet at home anymore because they carry it around in their hands, then you have a change in marketing that is as dramatic and life changing as the invention of the wheel.

I’ve seen the stats and the prediction charts that make the case for how the future of business marketing is going. For the slow to change folks (like I used to be) it is not good news. By 2015, more people will have mobile devices than have PC’s. They will do all their internet “stuff” on their
phone or tablet device which will in turn be the ultimate platform for…wait for it… Social Media!

Having a Google+ page, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube channel and being optimized for GPS enabled local directories like Google Places, Yahoo.Local, Yelp and Yp will be more important to most local businesses than having a website. If you don’t get started by the end of 2012, you’ll be playing catch-up. If you wait till 2014, many will find themselves out of business. Folks, Walmart is going online this year! How significant is that? Remember when you used to buy books at a bookstore? sold over 50% of all books sold in 2011. How about Barnes and Nobles? They were a year too slow with the online thing. How’s that working out for them?

Does that sound a little like “Chicken Little?” You betcha! If you don’t believe that however, do nothing and wait and see. It’s your call. Don’t get me wrong, websites are not dead or dying by any means. It’s just that the path that leads to your website is changing. More people will be coming to your website or your store from doing a YouTube search, by recommendation from a friend on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or by doing a search on Google Maps while out shopping than from the traditional “Google Search” in the very near future.

If you’d like to see in graphic form exactly how your business rates today in this new arena, go to Enter your business name and zip code and see what your business’s “exposure” is in the local directories. Your local exposure on these local social media outlets is about to become MUCH more important to the future of your business. They also help your website ranking BTW! 🙂

Note: What you find out from is about your “Business’s Local Online Exposure.” It is NOT a grade on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube accounts! For that, in my opinion, you need to seek professional help. I say that because I have yet to find a business owner who really understands their purpose. You’ll see evidence of this by going to any fan page administered by a local business owner and every post is something about their business. That’s NOT relationship building. Also if used correctly you’ll find that Facebook post appear on page one of a Google search result. That’s not by accident.

Well… All that to say this: Is social media important? You bet it is!



 Dan Hatcher is the owner of Dan is one of those people that literally had the internet change his life. Hoping that he would get the edge on others by placing his school fundraising business on the web in 1997, Dan soon found that people from all over the country were calling and wanting to use his services. Over next three years, his business increased fivefold.

Dan sold his fundraising business in 2004, and now helps other businesses to carve out the same kind of results.

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