Top 6 Facebook Timeline Changes for Brands

6 Facebook Timeline Changes For Brands


The chatter about the latest Facebook changes has gone global. What does this mean to me? How will this affect my brand?  Can I have Ads on my Cover Image? The following 6 new changes are explained below:

New Look and Feel – Timeline
Brands now have Facebook Timeline. It is based on the same principle as the Timeline for personal profiles. A customized photo can be utilized for the top of the page. The page is separated into two columns. The dividing line that separates the two columns represents the passage of time (hence ‘Timeline’). For brands this provides great opportunity to show and highlight key moments in their history. And going forward, it can be used this way as well.

Reduced Tab Visibility






With this new Timeline, the left-side panel has been removed. This included links and applications. But fear not, the applications still exist. They will now be displayed differently (as rectangular panels underneath the cover photo). Due to the width of the Timeline and the space available, only three applications will be shown at one time. It will be necessary to expand the tab panel to view more. It is possible to order which three tabs can be seen at first, so careful planning must be made to decide which three. Also useful will be Page analytics to help determine the ‘best’ tabs.

No Default Landing Page
The default landing page no longer exists. This was a ‘favorite’ of many astute brands. The default landing page was one of the key ways brands were able to impress users, provide more information and to use marketing strategies like opt-in forms to continue email marketing to the “fan” . So what can be done now that this has been taken away? Brands will need to be quite careful with the top messages in their Timeline. Another strategy can be to make custom images for the thumbnails or tabs that entice your fan or visitor. Also, it will be important to use Facebook ads as they will be one of the most important ways to control a user’s experience. Advertising campaigns, already important, will become more so. 

Featuring Content (‘Pin’)
This new feature seems to be geared toward marketers.  Brands will be able to ‘pin’ certain posts at the top of their Timeline. Pinning will allow for posts to remain at the top of their Timeline for a period of seven days. ‘Pinned’ posts will be recognizable by the orange flag associated with it. The catch to this is that only one Post can be ‘pinned’ at one time. Once a new post is ‘pinned’ the other post will return to its Chronology and there is currently no way to see that it had been ‘pinned’ in the past. This seems to be a replacement for the removal of default landing Pages. 

Outdated Content and Applications
Timeline layout has increased from 520 to 810 pixels in width. This increased width results in tab ‘centering’ without any additional adjustments. Any and all applications that remain on a brand’s Page will probably need new application thumbnails. New dimensions for thumbnails are 111×74. It is therefore one of the most important items for Brands to do once their new Page is up – determine how your thumbnails look and update as needed. It must also be noted that the Cover image (the main image at the top of your layout Page) which helps to identify your brand, can NOT be an ad contact information, web address, email or other information is also not allowed. 

Private Messages
Brands will now be able to send private messages to users. This results in being able to have deeper interactions with consumers. With the new Timeline, it is important to not inundate it with customer’s questions. It must be determined by the Page managers when it is better to take the answering of questions off-Timeline and respond using a private message. This will result in a more ‘one-on-one’ approach with your customer as well as a cleaner Timeline.  

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