What’s New: Google+ Search

Since the creation of Google+, the people at Google have not been resting on their laurels. Now they have created a way to improve your searching experience by introducing Search, plus your world. This ingenious tool has now made it essential to have a personal or business Google+ account.

Why is that? Because Google has enhanced their search by highlighting any Google+ content that is pertinent. So if you have already done so, you should go out and get your company a business Google+ page.

If you already have an account, go ahead and log in and then start a search on Google.  Now when you search you will see not only standard results but personal results as well. Google already showed personalized results based on browsing history and location, but now it will show content that has been shared with you through the Google+ social network.

Here is an example of what you may see when logged in and searching on Google:

In the example to the left you see that there was one personal result and 236 million other results. This is considered a ‘mixed’ result. If for whatever reason, you wish to not search personalized results you can click on the ‘person’ or ‘globe’ located at the top right of the screen. Clicking on ‘xx personal results’ will take you to a page with personalized your results only.

Google’s goal is to now provide hyper-personalized results to its users. This will provide more relevant and more important results. Within the public search results and the growth of the +1 button, weighted search results will come into play.

This new way of searching will also return results of people and pages you have circled. Just another reason why it is important to go ahead and jump on that band wagon that is Google+.

So now it’s time to ask yourself “Ok, I get it. It’s important to get noticed by increasing my presence in Google+. But how do I go about doing that?”

Well for starters, you or your business will need to appear more prominently on Google+. You can do this by being circled already or by marketing yourself to be circled. Google says the best way to appear in Related Pages is to:

  •  Fill out your profile
  • Post about your favorite topics and
  • Appear in search results.

It is important to remember that if you or your pages haven’t posted in 72 hours, you will more than likely not appear in the Google Plus box.

Another point that is important in building your following is to build up your company as an authority in your industry. One can do this by writing and posting quality content. +1 is a powerful tool so keep this in mind by writing good content and continually. This is where your staff writers (or in the case of small companies, YOU) are important to a business.  Because the end results of all this quality writing will hopefully be a ‘bump’ up in your ratings. Why is it just ‘hopefully’ you ask? This is due to that fact that your fellow competitors will probably be doing the same thing – writing content.

As Google is now providing this new type of search which gives a lot of exposure to your company, there is no need to be worried about security. Secure Search was rolled out by Google in November of 2011. Google employees have been working on encryption to protect personal results for a least a year. If they did not set up this encryption, content that was shared on Google+ privately could be revealed publicly within searches. As of right now All Google+ search results are hidden behind https:// and no keywords will be linked to your search in analytic programs. Since many users always remain logged into Google this will then limit the keyword data found in analytics software. Though this may seem as a downside to most Marketers, rest assured that in the world of ever-changing software, Google will swing back around to provide a benefit to Marketing.