The Interest in Pinterest

Our Interest in Pinterest

With the growing interest in Pinterest, we thought it was time to give some more information on this site.

What is it?
Simply put, Pinterest is a virtual pin board.  You can organize and share things that you find on the internet. In a bit more complex way, Pinterest allows you to interact with others thru the use of ones’ own ‘pinboards’. It is this interaction that is the crux of Pinterest’s growing interest. People love to share things. And nothing brings people together more than interest in the same things. 

How does it work?
If you are not already a part of Pinterest, you will need to be invited by someone who is already a member. (contact me – EMAIL ADDRESS, to get your invite). Once signed up, you can start to ‘pin’ items of interest. A ‘pin’ can be added by either uploading images from your computer or from a website. When adding an item from the web, the item ‘pinned’ will take someone to the original website when clicked on. If you add multiple items at one time, you can create something called a ‘board’. A board can be created on any topic that you want. And then of course, shared.

How can my business benefit from Pinterest?
Pinterest now has over 10.4 million registered users, 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users and 2 million daily Facebook users. This information is from this month taken from the Inside Network’s AppData tracking service. With so many people using this platform, there are a couple of different ways that your business can gain from this site.

  1. User Friendly – one of the great things about Pinterest is its ease-of-use. You have ‘pins’ and ‘boards’ and that’s it. To gain interest as a business you will want to create boards that encompass the themes and/or ideals of your company, rather than your brand overall.  Boards also don’t have to be undergoing constant modification – so there is a little less pressure than some of the other social networks.
  2. Offline to Online – common everyday things that might allow your business to stand out such as your company style, the city your offices are in, special events that you might do that typically go ‘below the radar’ can now be posted for others to see. Not only can this be used as a marketing tool for those who are in your industry, but will open your company up to consumers that may have never looked at your business. And this in turn can generate business.
  3. Create Backlinks – as mentioned earlier, every item added to a board will have the link back to its original site. So the more pins or re-pins of your boards, the more links to your site, the better it is for your business.

What are some of the tools for Pinterest?
There are two tools that can be used to add Pinterest to your Facebook page.

Pinvolve – this app pulls your pins to a tab on your Facebook business page. Click here to add to your page.

Woobox – This app pulls your boards to a tab on your Facebook business page. Click here to add to your page. There are additional settings that will allow you to require users to like your Facebook page before viewing your Pinterest tab, allow users to view your boards in Facebook or be taken to Pinterest and also allow you to get complete stats for your page.

As more and more people start using Pinterest, it will become very important for you to join and start showing your interests. We hope to see you ‘pinned’ shortly.