Interest Lists – Do you like what I like?

Interest Lists – Do you like what I like?

Facebook really knows how to burn the midnight oil. I have to give them credit. As soon they release a new feature, BAM! out comes another. And this one is a great way to follow your interests. Hence the name “Interest Lists”. These lists will help you to personalize the information you read even more then Facebook already did for you.

With an interest list you can create and subscribe to specific topical feeds such as “CrossFit” or “Fashion”. If you want to add all your favorite actors and actresses in one group, you simply need to create a list called ‘Celebrities’ and put them there.

For the most part the Facebook Interest lists acts like Twitter lists (which allows you to create and follow lists of users who tweet about the same topics) and Google Reader (which allows you to subscribe to folders containing different sources).

With all the auto-posting going on these days or your friends posting about how exciting it was to go down the driveway and get the mail, you need to be able to filter, and filter accurately, what you really need to read.

How to set up your Lists
Facebook has continued in its tradition of making things easy for the user. In this case, a user simply needs to go to the left-side bar of the home page. You will see towards the bottom a gray colored heading called ‘INTERESTS’. From there you can either subscribe to a pre-populated list or create your own. If we were to do a search for ‘Social Media’ for example, you would click on ‘Add Interests’, enter that parameter and we would see the following:


As you see, I am already subscribed to the ‘Social Media Mavens’ lists. If I wanted to subscribe to the ‘Social Media News’ list, I would only need to click on the subscribe button.  

If I wanted to create a new Social Media list I can click on the Gray bar that says ‘Create a list named “Social Media”. The first window will allow you to choose people and pages you want to add to your list. You can choose one, two, all or none. And the great part of this is that you can also add brands, friends and public figures even if you don’t subscribe to them. Pretty cool, huh? Clicking on ‘Next’ will then give a summation of the list and whether you want to make it Public (for all to see), Friends (for only your FB friends to see) or Only Me (for only you to see). And that’s it.


The new lists will now be seen on the left-hand side of your Page. If you want to make it even easier, you can add it to your Favorite by hovering your cursor over the list and then clicking on the pencil. You can also remove the list the same way.

Now what do I do?
So now you have seen the lists, added a few and perhaps even created one. Now it’s time to have a little fun. Try to see what lists you can create and who you may be interested in subscribing to.

You never know, the lists you make today can help you get some friends, contacts and even business tomorrow.