A Handy IPhone App Review of Facebook Pages Manager

With  newer and newer technology coming on the scene, it makes it very difficult to keep up with all of it. For instance, the Facebook Pages Manager App for the IPhone has been out for a few months however, many people are still not aware of it and its capabilities. What are the benefits, how can it be used and is it worth having another app downloaded to your phone? Let’s take a look at this IPhone App review…



The Pages Manager is a fairly new application for IPhones that allows Facebook page Admins to check on their page activity, view their insights, respond to their audience and so on. This gives the Admin more freedom to do the management they need to do while being out on location.


How do I begin?

The first thing you will need to do is download both the Facebook application and the Pages Manager onto your IPhone. From there it is a matter of logging into Facebook and then tapping on the Pages app. And away you go!


Sorry Android Users

Currently only IPhone and IPad users can get the application. However for non-Apple users, it is surely just a matter of time before applications will be available for you. So don’t despair, you time will come.


What? Que? Wat? Qu’est-ce? Was?

So English is important in an application, but Pages Manager is also available in Spanish, French, Dutch, German and six other languages. So for those of you who are polyglots, I say Bienvenidos!


What can I do with Pages manager?

Why the sky is the limit for those of you who want to maintain your pages while on the go. You will be able to post updates for your pages, access Page content and even receive notifications when someone interacts with your Page(s).

 Iphone Insights on Facebook Page Manager


Which Page is which?

So you’re logged in now and you’re ready to post updates on your Pages. But wait…you want to make sure that the update you are posting to Client A, a company that makes colorful collars for cats, is not posted to Client B, a company that makes colorful necklaces for children. So how do you know which page is which?


The page you are on will always show at the top of the screen, right below the Write Post button. By clicking on the Write Post button you will see the profile picture of the Page you are posting as. So no worries about posting Update A to Client B. You should be in the clear.


And switching to Client B is simply done by clicking on the top left corner of the application. A menu opens and a list of your Pages will be shown. Tap on the Page you want to switch to and Voila! you are there.


Push Notifications and Messages

The Pages application now gives the user the ability and the option to turn off Push notifications until 8am. Recently, the app does allow you to see your Page’s messages. This is truly a huge improvement. Time is of the essence and if you have a potential client inquiring about your services, you will be able to respond immediately to their private message via your app.


What Insights are available?

There are quite a few insights that are available and useful for the User on the go. The total number of likes can be seen and the number of people talking about your Pages. Your weekly total reach is visible as well as your Trends chart. The app is convenient because rather than waiting for you to get home, or to get a signal while you are waiting for that latte, you can access information that will give you a glimpse of how your pages are doing within the last week. If you are an administrator of several Facebook pages, you can access the settings section under insights and turn off the push notifications for each of the pages you do not need to closely monitor.


For the most part, this IPhone App review is mostly positive however, sometimes this app has taken time to update and can lag. All in all, the Facebook Page Manager app is a  handy tool for people who are on the go that want some piece of mind. If managing your Facebook page and other social networks is still a struggle, you may want to consider hiring a social media manager. Either way, staying on top of your Facebook page and your other social networks is a must!