How To Use Linkedin Answers

photo credit: TheSeafarer    How to use Linkedin Answers  There are many social media tools that exist for building relationships and directing people to your website. LinkedIn is often called Facebook for business and subsequently offers some great features you can take advantage of to build your name, brand and reputation . It’s an excellent […]

Does SEO Scare You?

Does SEO Scare You? Do you see the word SEO on the Internet and begin to cringe? Do you go to networking meetings or seminars and hear people talking about SEO or search engine optimization, and think “I wish I understood what they are talking about”? I was reading through some comments this morning on […]

Bite The Bullet, Hire a Professional

Starting up an online business for the first time can be quite a daunting task if your expertise is not web design, graphics or article writing etc.   Many times the small business owner is just getting their feet wet and their funds are limited so they take the “I’ll do it myself” approach.  This approach is […]

Simple Ways To Promote Local Business On Facebook

There are so many simple ways to promote local business on Facebook.  If you haven’t heard (very doubtful), right now Facebook is the king of social media.  The social media world is buzzing about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Facebook, as  Time Magazine’s” Person of The Year” in 2010.  There is no question, due to his efforts […]

Why You Need a Social Media Assistant

Most people by now have heard quite a bit about social media and some of the different social media websites, with Facebook and Twitter being the most popular.  How do you know if your business needs to venture into social media and if you need to hire someone for help? Here are some reasons why you may […]