The Impact of Video on Small Businesses

This month, we asked Hurdie Burk of Hurdie Burk Consulting ( a few questions concerning video and its impact on Social Media. Why would I want to have a YouTube Channel for my small business? In 2011, Cisco determined that 45% of internet traffic was video. Google is predicting the traffic will double this year. […]

Don’t Be A Social Media Grinch!

Every day you hear about recent changes to Facebook, Charlie Sheen on Twitter, or you see the latest trendiest most hilarious video on Youtube. Social media pops-up in conversation daily. We are all using these social networks for personal reasons and many of us are using it for business. However, how do you really use […]

How To Use Linkedin Answers

photo credit: TheSeafarer    How to use Linkedin Answers  There are many social media tools that exist for building relationships and directing people to your website. LinkedIn is often called Facebook for business and subsequently offers some great features you can take advantage of to build your name, brand and reputation . It’s an excellent […]

Maximizing Facebook Fan Pages

The Internet Marketing Party Group through had their monthly meet up on Tuesday, April 12th  at Sixth Lounge in Austin, Texas with special guest speaker, Kate Buck Jr. of  Kate was such a trooper sharing her knowledge, over what was a somewhat loud and boisterous crowd, about maximizing Facebook fan pages and the many mistakes people […]

4 Ways to Get Traffic From Facebook to Your Blog

If you have an online business, one of your main goals is to drive traffic to your website.  Hopefully by now, most people have figured out that having a blog is an easy way to show up on search engines because of all the content provided in the blog.  Sharing your blog post on Facebook  is a […]

Social Media Tools To Help Keep Up

Most people running their businesses are dealing with day-to-day operations.  Social media may be something people are considering but maybe they do not feel like they have the time for it.  Some businesses may  have already started using social media but can’t seem to keep up with it on a daily basis.  Of course, one of the options is to hire a social […]

Why is Blogging Important to Your Business?

Blogging has developed over the years from what was once journals and personal diaries.  Blogging has been adopted by businesses online with more and more companies hiring someone or several people to blog for their company. It really is an easy way to  establish a respectable presence online for your business.  Blogging  has become so significant to business that […]

What Makes LinkedIn Special?

What makes LinkedIn so special when there are so many different ways to connect with people?  It seems as though the options are endless these days.  The best approach to choosing which platforms to participate in is to first, identify what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are trying to build relationships in the field […]

Bite The Bullet, Hire a Professional

Starting up an online business for the first time can be quite a daunting task if your expertise is not web design, graphics or article writing etc.   Many times the small business owner is just getting their feet wet and their funds are limited so they take the “I’ll do it myself” approach.  This approach is […]

Simple Ways To Promote Local Business On Facebook

There are so many simple ways to promote local business on Facebook.  If you haven’t heard (very doubtful), right now Facebook is the king of social media.  The social media world is buzzing about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Facebook, as  Time Magazine’s” Person of The Year” in 2010.  There is no question, due to his efforts […]