Interest Lists – Do you like what I like?

Interest Lists – Do you like what I like? Facebook really knows how to burn the midnight oil. I have to give them credit. As soon they release a new feature, BAM! out comes another. And this one is a great way to follow your interests. Hence the name “Interest Lists”. These lists will help […]

Top 6 Facebook Timeline Changes for Brands

6 Facebook Timeline Changes For Brands   The chatter about the latest Facebook changes has gone global. What does this mean to me? How will this affect my brand?  Can I have Ads on my Cover Image? The following 6 new changes are explained below: New Look and Feel – Timeline Brands now have Facebook […]

5 New Facebook Changes That Matter

In this day and age of rapid change, people really want consistency. As we are unable to truly stop the wave of technological changes that the technology gods continue to throw at us, it’s reasonable to want a sense of the usual when it comes to our social media networks, right? Wrong. Facebook, the cutting-edge […]

Don’t Be A Social Media Grinch!

Every day you hear about recent changes to Facebook, Charlie Sheen on Twitter, or you see the latest trendiest most hilarious video on Youtube. Social media pops-up in conversation daily. We are all using these social networks for personal reasons and many of us are using it for business. However, how do you really use […]

Social Media Tools To Help Keep Up

Most people running their businesses are dealing with day-to-day operations.  Social media may be something people are considering but maybe they do not feel like they have the time for it.  Some businesses may  have already started using social media but can’t seem to keep up with it on a daily basis.  Of course, one of the options is to hire a social […]

Simple Ways To Promote Local Business On Facebook

There are so many simple ways to promote local business on Facebook.  If you haven’t heard (very doubtful), right now Facebook is the king of social media.  The social media world is buzzing about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Facebook, as  Time Magazine’s” Person of The Year” in 2010.  There is no question, due to his efforts […]

To Love or Not To Love (Social Media)

Social media and news about social media is everywhere; it is rampant.  There are so    many different ways to interact with people using social media networks, blogs, communities and forums.  Let’s face it, being social is here to stay!    However, there are many positive aspects of social media and then there are definitely some negative ones. Things to Love […]

Group Pages vs. Fan Pages on Facebook

You have your own business and may have been active on Facebook on a personal level but, now you are considering whether you should start a group page or a fan page for you business.  There are some considerations to take into account.  Group Pages  or Fan Pages? Group pages are wonderful way to connect and […]

Follow Big Companies’ Social Media Practices

Some of the best ways to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube,  to increase name recognition, brand awareness and customer involvement is to follow some of the companies that have been the most successful using these platforms.  Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Oreo have really explored different ways to keep their customers engaged with their product and company.  Starbucks has […]