What’s New: Google+ Search

Since the creation of Google+, the people at Google have not been resting on their laurels. Now they have created a way to improve your searching experience by introducing Search, plus your world. This ingenious tool has now made it essential to have a personal or business Google+ account. Why is that? Because Google has […]

5 New Facebook Changes That Matter

In this day and age of rapid change, people really want consistency. As we are unable to truly stop the wave of technological changes that the technology gods continue to throw at us, it’s reasonable to want a sense of the usual when it comes to our social media networks, right? Wrong. Facebook, the cutting-edge […]

Social Media Matters for Online Ranking and Exposure

By: Dan Hatcher I have had many business owners over the years ask me about the different social networks like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and on and on and on. The names rattle off their tongues with seemingly no end. Now just so you understand, I am a die-hard SEO guy. I started in […]

Does SEO Scare You?

Does SEO Scare You? Do you see the word SEO on the Internet and begin to cringe? Do you go to networking meetings or seminars and hear people talking about SEO or search engine optimization, and think “I wish I understood what they are talking about”? I was reading through some comments this morning on […]

Why is Blogging Important to Your Business?

Blogging has developed over the years from what was once journals and personal diaries.  Blogging has been adopted by businesses online with more and more companies hiring someone or several people to blog for their company. It really is an easy way to  establish a respectable presence online for your business.  Blogging  has become so significant to business that […]

Bite The Bullet, Hire a Professional

Starting up an online business for the first time can be quite a daunting task if your expertise is not web design, graphics or article writing etc.   Many times the small business owner is just getting their feet wet and their funds are limited so they take the “I’ll do it myself” approach.  This approach is […]