Social Media Matters for Online Ranking and Exposure

By: Dan Hatcher I have had many business owners over the years ask me about the different social networks like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and on and on and on. The names rattle off their tongues with seemingly no end. Now just so you understand, I am a die-hard SEO guy. I started in […]

What Makes LinkedIn Special?

What makes LinkedIn so special when there are so many different ways to connect with people?  It seems as though the options are endless these days.  The best approach to choosing which platforms to participate in is to first, identify what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are trying to build relationships in the field […]

Simple Ways To Promote Local Business On Facebook

There are so many simple ways to promote local business on Facebook.  If you haven’t heard (very doubtful), right now Facebook is the king of social media.  The social media world is buzzing about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Facebook, as  Time Magazine’s” Person of The Year” in 2010.  There is no question, due to his efforts […]